Tipping the Iceberg with... [RESULTS]

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

What an amazing surprise at our EU training today! Moshi29 led us onto Zipline to perform some formations and tactics. We even had a snowball fight at the Snow Forts. NORTH FORT BEST FORT! Eventually this led us to go to the Iceberg to continue our training and, to our surprise, our allies were already there. After a good laugh we quickly joined in on the fun and were even able to make a plane formation. I lost connection to the server there were so many penguins at the Iceberg.

Max: 13 | | Avg: 10

Thank you so much to Rockstar for taking these wonderful pictures. If you attended this event and are above the rank of Private, you have received 3 more Clovers to your collection.

Keep those snowballs coming,
ACP Guardian

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