[US] Day 6: Alpha vs. Echo Battle and Card Jitsu Tournament - Results!


                Hola Alpha and Echo!

        Today, we logged on CPArmies, Bunny Hill for another Echo vs. Alpha battle. After 6 exhausting days of war, we find ourselves with another hard fought battle between both branches, and once again, a branch rises victorious...

The Reformation of the Delta Division


Addressed to the Alpha and Echo Divisions

Effective immediately, the Army of Club Penguin's Delta Division will be reformed.

We have sat on the sidelines too long, watching the Army of Club Penguin be ripped apart internally, by bagged milk, by accents, and by YOUR MOT HER jokes. 

The moderation team has had enough. Enough Higher Command trying to campaign their sides, making the moderators choose between teams, then working them to the bone in an attempt to build their division. Enough arguing over leading, who has the better tactics, and who has better jokes. 

The Army of Club Penguin moderators stand together, united once more, under our leader CSY. We have been dragged into a war against our own volition, and the more we see, the more we believe that there is no reason to fight. We might have fought for our divisions due to our loyalty for our branches - but we are first and foremost loyal to the Army of Club Penguin - a family that has been slowly torn apart in the past week.

And so, we can no longer, under good conscience, support this divide. We have worked together towards a common goal for so long - and today, we band together, in one final bid to unite ACP once more.

Delta (Δ) - the Greek symbol of change. 

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world"

United, we are the change we wish to see.
Let us band together once more, for a united ACP.

Δ: Catalysts of Change

ACP Leader

The ACP Moderators

ACP Civil War: A Busy Break Day (Day 5 Recap)


MAMMOTH, Army of Club Penguin Capital - 24th December 1914. The Christmas truce saw an unofficial ceasefire between all armies on the Western Front, in which soldiers from France, Germany, Russia, Austria, and UK all came together to play football, exchange gifts and sing carols, before returning to all out war on the 27th. 

Break day was supposed to be that for us - an unofficial truce between Alpha and Echo, to enjoy games together - but war quickly broke out between the two divisions - this time, on a battlefield other than Club Penguin.

[AUSIA] Alpha vs Echo vs Pizza Federation Battle & Hide and Seek- Results!


Heya, Alpha and Echo!
Today we logged onto Bunny Hill for a fun battle! A special ally joined us which was the Pizza Federation! We also played fun hide and seek in this battle! Here are the results of our battle!

ACP Civil War: Days Three and Four Recap


MAMMOTH, Army of Club Penguin Capital - As war continues to wage on between Alpha and Echo, an unexpected turn of events have led to betrayals from both sides. Here, we recap all the battles and competitions between the divisions, and figure out which division is coming out ahead.

[SATIRE] Pungu's 97.45% Accurate Review of Alpha

Civil War's sure been tough so far, huh? 
For Alpha, that is!

[US] Civil War Day 4: OG-Style Alpha vs Echo Battle - Results!


Heya, Alpha, and Echo!
Today, We logged onto Bunny Hill-CPA to have an OG PB! I threw a lot of snowballs at doink
After Multiple charges and multiple tactics and a thousand snowballs hitting Bunny Hill here are the results! 

Exposing the Alpha Division: Moving Back Home

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin and Alpha Division

I, Field Marshal Zelly, am returning home to the Echo Division.

We're just 4 days into the Civil War, and I have decided to return HOME to my original division, Echo! After I saw what Kailey said about Max's accent earlier, I knew it was time to join my brother. The British and Canadian's stand strong! The Alpha HCOM aren't as perfect as you think... 2Funky3 (or 2Drunky3) has been prioritising having a social life over Club Penguin Armies this past week - how DARE he! Rob and Cubby are basically e-dating at this point so I've been very lonely. But no more, I'm back home.

Our victory will Echo!


[UK] Civil War Day 4: OG-Style Alpha vs Echo Battle - Results!


                Hola Alpha and Echo!

    Today we logged on CPArmies, Bunny Hill to go back in time! We battled out in an OG way, where tactics where shouted out ingame! Both divisions gave it their all in the battlefield with multiple charges and thousands of snowballs! And now, here come the very wanted results of the battle... 

Exposing the Echo Division: Our move to Alpha


                                        Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin and Echo Division

I, General Kailey, alongside moderators Yas, Oofman and Aurora, will be leaving the Echo Division for the Alpha Division

Our reasons for this are quite simple! We're fed up with Max hogging all the leading! Ever since he won 'Best Voice' in the ACP Summer Awards, he's suddenly decided to voice-chat lead EVERY event! It's too much! All four of us cannot deal with his British accent anymore, so we're switching sides. But it's not just that, he constantly talks about Koloway and IT IS DRIVING US INSANE!!! Like we get it, you won best ship at the ACP Summer Awards, but you're not even cute. Oh and you live 5000 miles apart so it's NEVER going to happen. It's time for us to help the Alpha Division WIN this war!


[US] Alpha vs. Echo Formation Battle - Results

The ACP Divisions Alpha and Echo faced off in today's formation battle with Alpha taking the win and making the score 4 -2-1 (E-A-T)!

Max: 41

ACP Civil War: Day One and Two Recap

MAMMOTH, Army of Club Penguin Capital - Amid recent rising tensions between the Alpha and Echo divisions, the Army of Club Penguin has been thrown conflict with the recent civil war. Read on to find out more about what happened in the first 2 days since the respective declarations.

[AUSIA] Civil War Day 3: Battle and Sled Racing Tournament


Heya, ACP

Today we logged onto Bunny Hill- CPA for Day 3 of our Civil War... We fought ferociously in the Box Dimension and the Underground Pool and in the end, Echo was able to win this battle!

Results by our Great Leedur CSY!



                   Hey ACP!

        Today we logged on Bunny Hill, CPArmies for Day 2 battle of our huge Civil War! We battled in the Iceberg and Inside the Mine alongside Silver Empire, and after that we had a huge Find Four tournament!

        Here are the results of the Find Four tournament, with 27 people taking part in it, the winner is..

[US] Zellys Magical Birthday Party!


Abracadabra! ACP!

Today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten to celebrate our 2ics Birthday! Zelly Happy Birthday to her! and for my first magic trick... WE WERE ABLE TO MAX 39+ Keynikki