ACP Weekly Recap! June/July! [28th - 4th] #17

What a week! It's been full of surprises! So we had a couple big events, not only in ACP, but in the real world if you go outside xd.
 We had CANADA DAY! FOR my fellow canadians that make up half of our US/CA division! 
At the end of our week of extravaganza, we had a PB with Help Force.. did we win or lose? well, you will have to find out!!!! 
SHOUTOUTS TOOOOOO: PurpleSlime 4 for starting these recaps long agooooo, kolo for the gfx and being in band!, Kailey for being canadian, Hcom for all that they do and being the best hcom in CPA!, Staff as well for helping out and being the best staff in all of CPA, oofmanjr for being THE ROXLOX WARLORD, Canada for their hockey and their woman's curling team :hello: , USA FOR BEING AWESOME!, Bei para su trabajo!, Nikki for 2014 :hello: , Yeti for his promo,
to california for their damn fireworks regulations,
to those who drive to mexico and the native american reservations in nevada for the fun fireworks, for my group that sold over 25k of fireworks this year!, and the cute chicks that I sold fireworks to at the stand :D no i didnt get their numbers...


[UK/US] Alpha vs. Echo vs. Red Ravagers - Results!

Today we logged onto Permafrost - CPRewritten for an interesting event. We had a branch battle but mixed in something a little different. Our branches Echo and Alpha went against each other as well as against our special guests and our allies: the Red Ravagers. We all had an incredible time showing off our fantastic tactics, movements, and forms. Everyone did a fabulous job, but only one team could win! Congrats to...


for winning in a score of 2-1-0 (Win-Loss-Tie)! Team Echo won rooms 1 and 3, while Alpha had won the second room, the docks! At this event, we were able to bring a max of 41! 

Introducing the Clover Chats Podcast!

Hello ACP!

Today the ACP staff are proud and excited to present the Clover Chats Podcast - an Army of Club Penguin podcast that will happen every Sunday! This has been in the works for some time, and we're finally putting it into effect as of tomorrow.

Host Zelly, and co-host Yeti, will be discussing all the latest happenings in the army, answering questions and much, much more! Each week the hosts will also be joined by special Higher Command, Staff and Solider guests!

The podcast will be hosted Sunday's at 1pm EST in the Discord Main VC. However, don't worry if you miss it as the recorded version will be uploaded to our YouTube channel. 

Click here for the YouTube channel.

See you tomorrow!
Singing off,

[SPEC OPS] Dragon Takeover - Results!

Today we logged onto Blizzard - CPRewritten for our Spec Ops event. We put our Dragon costumes on as we took over the island in this ferocious event. Today we brought a max of 48!

[UK] Practice Battle with HF - Results!

Today we went head to head in an intense battle against the Help Force! We battled it out on CPRewritten's Permafrost. While showing off our great tactics and forms, we also had fun competing against HF! Unfortunately, we did not win today as the judges ruled a 1-2-1 (Win-Loss-Tie) score. On the bright side, everyone who attended did a fabulous job as we were able to max 52!

Pre-Battle Count

[JUNE 2020] Monthly Promotions!

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[JUNE 2020] Troop of the Month

hEYA ACP-ians!

Welcome to the nth (i lost count im sorry) installment of TOTM! June 2020 saw our participation in the Legends Cup X, where we hit the biggest sizes in a battle we've seen yet since our reopening - with a whopping 80 troops online! This would have been impossible without the work of our arduous Recruiting Force, and so without further ado, I'm proud to announce this months TOTM:

[US] Canada Day event!

Hello Buddies! 

Today we logged on to Marshmallow CPR for our Canada day event! It was an amazing event full of red and white colours. To all my fellow Canadians buds, Happy Canada day!!!

Max - 52

[UK] Water Vikings 10th Anniversary Event! - Results!

Hey, ACP!! Today we logged onto CPR for the Water Vikings' 10th Anniversary Party!! Happy 10th birthday, Water Vikings! We started off wearing blue in the Town, then moved to the Ice Berg, then turned green to party in the Snow Forts and the stadium! Thank you to everyone for coming! Comment below if you attended.

Max: 54

[US] Cowbell Takeover Moderator Lead - Results!

Hey there ACP, today we logged on to Blizzard for our amazing Cowbell Takeover. This was an amazing event, thank you all for coming!

Max: 58 

[AUS] Post-Battle Afterparty on Blizzard!

What's Good ACP?!?!

The Army of Club Penguin had an awesome party on Blizzard after beating the Water Vikings, our good allies, in a practice battle. We maxed 37 soldiers! We marched all over the island and had a great time whilst doing so!

Lemme get back to you on that.

US Division Leader/Field Marshal

[AUSIA] Practice Battle with WV - Victory!

Sup ACP!

Today we faced our allies, Water Vikings, in a Practice Battle in Mammoth, CPR. We battled in stadium and ended up having an early win due to them, WV, not having enough people online.

Max: 35

Pre-Battle Warmup

Room 1: Stadium

Remember to react in #event-chat to get your clovers and comment down if you assisted!
Major General

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