One Month of History: December 2019 - The End of a Decade

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

Greetings, your Guardian here. Although quite delayed I've finally gotten around to creating the monthly army recap for December. December was quite honestly one of the most historic months in the history of the ACP. I'm very grateful that I got to spend the holiday season once again with the clover family.

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December 1st, 2019

What seemed to be unobtainable had been achieved. While our allies the RPF have been dethroned before, this was a momentous occasion for the Army of Club Penguin specifically. It's been many years since we've seen ourselves at the top of any weekly Top Ten. This validated the upward trend we had been experiencing as we entered the new month. Kailey was promoted to second in command following the news.

Army of Club Penguin Training Regiment was reformed under Koloway's leadership on November 30th. The regiment is dedicated to turning soldiers into experienced ACP veterans; also by earning a fast track to higher ranks. Koloway formally invited the rest of the army to check out what an ACPTR event looks like.

Despite not being in the army anymore, we threw Ratlord a birthday party!

Week two? Week three? Who really knows but it's time for Alpha vs Echo! And for the first time... Alpha actually won! Congratulations Alpha. It was a long time coming. The healthy rivalry lives on.

Paddy won the Find Four tournament that we held on Club Penguin Rewritten!

A new division has entered the chat! Its name is SPEC OPS. Spec Ops was created as a solution to find better, or rather more suitable, AUSIA times that would provide clean results. Unfortunately CPR is not super active during AUSIA evenings so initially this division was created as a way to recruit during late US hours and still bring in some AUSIA recruits. We learned the hard way in the War of No Return that some armies would try to find a weak spot and invade our nation at TWO IN THE MORNING. Crazy! This division was created with that in mind to prepare the Army of Club Penguin to continue its domination.

Henlow won the Card Jitsu tournament: most victories in thirty minutes wins!

In another week of Alpha vs Echo, the Echo division was able to get revenge and bring home another W!

Tension was rising between us and an evil army. One of their officers posted highly inappropriate pictures of our leader. With swift action we posted invasions and invaded their server Outback. They didn't even bother to show up, so we negotiated a peace treaty to keep emotions down.

We should've known better, but we let them off the hook too soon. 

During one of our victory marches it was announced that Max would be promoted to an official HCOM position to lead the EU force. 

During a Specs Ops recruiting we ran into a new army on the scene-- one we would soon become allies with. After asking for permission, we decided to hold a practice battle to welcome them with open arms as we once were back in September.

This might have been the biggest and closest battle between our two divisions. Not only was it super close but it drew a crowd from the regular Club Penguin players who were happening to pass by. Those players decided that team blue, otherwise known as Echo, had won all three rooms. 

CPA announced the start of the Holiday Championships. ACP is known for being a hefty competitor in the end of the year tournaments and this year, this generation, was no exception. After losing in the finals in last month's tournament there was no way we were not going to get to the finals this time around. Our opponent in the first match didn't even show up.

We should've known better, but we let them off the hook too soon. But not this time.

The same army that we had earlier in the month negotiated peace with was preparing to invade our nation. This time it was way more personal. We would not stop our crusade until it ended with their annihilation. 

December 28th, 2019

December 29th, 2019

And that's all she wrote. While we were preparing for another defense in the evening it was announced that the Templars servers would all be transferred to our nation due to them CHEATING. Another well deserved victory by the true and just Army of Club Penguin!

December 30th, 2019

December 31st, 2019

Unfortunately the end of the decade came about with the end of one of our closest allies. In a last hoorah we held a battle in remembrance for our fallen allies. While we may have lost an ally, we gained many new brothers and sisters to join the arms of the clovers.

And to end not only this year but also the decade perfectly, current adviser Mondo released a well written speech about the future and past of the Army of Club Penguin. Be proud to be serving the Clover Defenders. It is an honor and one of the greatest experiences you'll ever remember.

Each month we just keep growing and growing. We have more than exceeded any expectations I had when initially starting out on this crazy adventure. I am so thankful to have met all of you, and I'm so eager to see what the future holds. The Army of Club Penguin started the decade as the number one army in the community; and we ended the decade at the top of that very same list. An accomplishment nobody will ever be able to take away from us. We continue to prove that we are the best army of all time. ACP SHALL PREVAIL!

Keep those snowballs coming,
ACP Guardian


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