[UK] Farewell Koloway Event

Hello ACP,

Today is a solemn day. We see the departure of our leader, Koloway.

Under Koloway, ACP got 1st in CPA for multiple weeks - stripping Bam of his "I wAs Da LaSt LeAdUr To GeT aCp To FuRsT" boasts.

Under Koloway, ACP won the holiday championships against the RPF - something we hadn't done since 2011.

All good things come to an end, and today marked the end of Kolo's leadership of ACP.

We logged onto Blizzard to tell the world about Kolo's retirement, maxing 23.

Hearts for Koloway
Bringing flowers to the funeral farewell
Clovers, for Cloloway.
Self explanatory

Koloway is hereby dismissed from service. March on, brother.

6th AUSIA leader and 2ic
10th AUSIA leader and 2ic
48th ACP Leader

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