[SPEC-OPS] Operation: Incoming Transmission...

Hey ACP!

Our Special Operations division logged on today to try figure out what's going on with the glitching, maxing 11. We started off in plaza, marching to the town in search for Kolo.

Halfway there, we intercepted an incoming transmission, telling us to head over to the stage. Upon entering, we found a group of blue aliens waiting for us. We communicated with them to the best of our abilities, battling them, and chased them around the island when they ran away.

We finally found them all at the docks, where we intercepted one final transmission before they left:

Xf ibwf zpvs dpnnboefs. Tpmwf pvs qvaamft boe gjoe uif usvui.

Hint #1: Shifted Alphabet. A=B

What could this mean? Solve it and DM CSY.

CSY - ACP Commander

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