6 Month Anniversary Prom & Party Results!

Hello ACP!
First of all, HAPPY 6 MONTH ANNIVERSARY! We officially reopened our historic doors six months ago on this very date! And today we held a Prom & Party to celebrate - with  65 soldiers joining us for the celebrations! We were also joined by a CP Rewritten moderator, Candy, who wanted to join our party!
Igloo Contest Winner: Max
Igloo Contest runner-up: NotASeat
Best Dressed: PaddyV
Best Dressed runner-up: Powerprimate
Prom King: Mondo
Prom Queen: Lucia

March On! ~Max
European Division Leader/Field Marshal


  1. Very cool time. ACP is great at throwing party's!

  2. very late comment but I'm looking back on old events and stuff and honestly, thanks for voting me prom queen i appreciate it, it was my first week here and it really made me feel welcomed :) <3