[SPEC OPS] Get your BETA scarfs!

Hello ACP! This is Aeropos, coming to you from the editng page! Lets get right into the event, lots of fun showing off our new beta scarfs! This event was lead by King and we started in Town, heading to tha stadium, and plaza. Everyone liked our scarfs, because we are ACP of course! Good job troops to all who came, make sure to dm the higher command for clovers!
MAX: 24
The good ol' EF + EL
Smiles for BETA scarfs!

Alright, that's it for Friday, go enjoy the rest of Friday for those ppl on this side of the world :d. don't be a stranger! - AEROPOS


  1. Sorry I was pretty much afk the whole time lol

  2. Was a nice event overall, was a fun event and all tactics were great.. and also the sec pic was shot by me! thanks for using it!