[UK] Mod-Lead St Patrick's Day Party! [Results]

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I said I would add this like promised <3
Whats up Army of Clown Penguins!
The main clown of the day is Kailey 2 anyway here are the results for today's event! Coming in from Army of Club Penguin command we went into Town, Night Club, Forts, and Mines! (That's a lot of rooms if you ask me). While we did those rooms we did a lot of tactics in celebration of St Patrick's Day! Make sure to come to the US event if you can make it! Make sure to DM Kailey 1 (not Kailey 2 even though I pinged her on accident XD), she is our supervisor! Thanks to everyone that lead and helped this event max as well as it did! Remember that you're amazing and you're not a clown unlike Zelly and Kailey 2! That's always something to be proud of XD.
We maxed 34!

Dawnables Major General of ACP signing off <3

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