[April 2020] Comment for Promo!

Think you deserve a promotion for your efforts in April 2020? Comment BELOW if you think you deserve one for this month!

Discord Tag:
Current Rank:
Activity on a scale of 1-10:
Reason you think you deserve a promotion:

ACP Leader


  1. Discord Tag: #8446
    Current Rank: Major
    Activity on a scale of 1-10: 9?
    Reason I think I deserve a promotion: Retiring sounds pretty nice right now, and I don't want to get too involved in this mess.

    1. But ye I'm at least not attending many events on the war as I could, and I'm really starting to get a lot less active than before.

    2. All these replies are me btw

  2. i want a promo cuz im cool :P

  3. Coolhandsully
    I think I deserve a promotion because I have been working hard for ACP and giving it my all and I love what I do

  4. lucia#1640, current rank captain, I’d say like 9 I go to literally everything I’m awake for and I’ve stayed up till 3am for this women up at 9 I mean I really try to be at everything, reasoning : I’ve been to 39 events this month.

    1. *for this AND WOKEN up at 9

    2. I haven't updated the chart yet for today so it's probably more by now

  5. Koloway#2114
    Field General
    I will give CSY "special favors" in exchange for my motion of pro.
    Thank you.

  6. Discord Tag: ShadowSaint #6716

    Current Rank: Major General

    Activity on a scale of 1-10: 1 for this month due to being on leave, but 9 for last month

    Reason you think you deserve a promotion: Forgot to apply for a promo last month, when I was pretty active before taking leave. Worked very hard and improved my recruiting skills, earning recognition from CSY himself.

  7. I'm MahaerHD, or Mayhair#8348. But I'd rather not get promoted, because I was just promoted to Corporal after the Defense of Mammoth. I would like to obtain it some other way.

  8. Discord Tag:olimad3#7924
    Current Rank:brigadier general
    Activity on a scale of 1-10: 4
    Reason you think you deserve a promotion:Because I am so beautiful and I'll give you 20$

    1. You could give those 20$ to me ya know, since I'm boutta lose my nitrooooo

  9. Discord Tag: Auroracat#0749

    Current Rank: Major General

    Activity: 9, I have attended a lot of events and am active in chat.

    Reason you think you deserve a promotion: I have gotten much better at recruiting and have definitely improved my attitude over the past month than before.

  10. Discord Tag: Henry_VI#9519
    Current Rank: Major
    Activity: 9 I guess, I've been waking up really early and staying up late for events and I'm quite active in chat.
    Reason you think you deserve a promotion: I've gotten way better at recruiting, I've learned a lot more about other armies, and I've socialized more with ACP in general.

  11. Discord Tag: Sharkbate#4322
    Current Rank: Warrant Officer
    Activity on a scale of 1-10: 5
    Reason you think you deserve a promotion: I've been here and there

  12. Discord Tag: jeser#9908
    Current Rank: Major
    Activity: 7 I've attended a bunch of events and been interested in the whole war. I've also been to recruiting stuff, but I haven't been very social in the chats.
    Reason you think you deserve a promotion: To defend freedom and preserve justice

  13. Discord Tag: Shebyr#4184
    Current Rank: Master Sergeant
    Activity on a Scale of 1-10: I'd probably say 8-9
    Reason you think you deserve a promotion: Honestly, I don't feel like I deserve one, but I'm going to try. I've been in this army for little over a month now, and I've dedicated my time to coming to every single event I've been able to, however, I haven't been able to recruit as much as I'd like to. I've also been honest with everyone, and was even willing to say that I got 5 extra clovers for an event (so they could be removed). I don't need it, but a promotion would help me get to higher ranks in the future.

  14. Discord tag: Addy#4429
    Current rank: specialist
    Activity: I would say 8 I attend as many events as possible.
    Reason you think you deserve a promotion: I’m really good at attending events, I don’t know my exact attendance but i think it’s somewhere near 25 this month, and also I want to stay involved with ACP because they have helped me a lot during quarantine.

  15. Tag:deathdrugsandcyanide#0420
    Rank: first Lieutenant
    Activity: 9.5, unless im asleep, im at every i can attend.
    Reason: Im cool but also it would really help me get my goals. And i also love acp and want to stay with you guys forever

  16. Replies
    1. Thanks troll, I think I could tell. Besides, if you're gonna try to me, at least act like me. I have friends in rpf who are amazing. You can just shut :)

  17. Tag: Kailey#4053
    Rank: Supervisor
    Activity: 7-8 (32 events this month)
    Reason: Well first lemme explain how you could promote me without my position really being promotable. Make Supervisor a Hcom position (specifically the work I do). By the nature of my job, I have a great relationship with the troops and they always come to me with questions because they feel comfortable with me. I always have to say "Go to talk to someone in hcom". With the permissions needed to do my job, as well as my experience, event attendance, dedication to the ACP, and relationship with troops, I think I would be best suited for hcom. Although I do not complete all hcom duties, the work I do is beyond what a mod would be doing. Keeping track of everything, updating the chart, talking to troops, reading my DMs, giving out clovers, ect. All takes a couple hours. I probably spend an extra hour or two after an event working on these things. Before that I hype for the event. Not to mention the other things I assist with behind closed doors. For these reasons, I believe I should be promoted to hcom so I can better do my job and better service the ACP. March on!

  18. Name: Spinister#8912
    Rank: Colonel
    Activity: 9
    Reason: I attend most of events i could, recruit, Track mascots and am always active in chat

  19. Name: Cubster#7777
    Rank: Field General
    Activity: 10
    Reason: i stan csy

  20. Name: Bubbles1251
    Rank: Visitor
    Activity: 0.01
    Reason: give promo tysm csy :)))

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  22. Discord tag: #9610
    Name: aceshigh2358
    Rank: Major
    Activity: 6 or 7? More when I don't have work :/
    Reason: Cus I'm a boomer :)