[Call to Arms] Rallying RFCP

Addressed to the Recon Federation of Club Penguin.

This is not a drill.

The Army of Club Penguin is officially calling RFCP to arms amidst ongoing war efforts against the Rebel Penguin Federation.

The RFCP and ACP have a long history of hatred and war - but the Army of Club Penguin has changed drastically since then. We have different people, we have different staff, and RFCP will testify to the fact that ACP has worked hard to ameliorate existing tensions.

RFCP knows what it is like, to have screenshots from private chats leaked, taken out of context, and painted in a bad light. RFCP understands what it's like to try rally friends, but be turned down because of the greater narrative.

ACP and RFCP are not allies. But ACP are now formally rallying RFCP for help, against the immense threat that is the Rebel Penguin Federation.


CSY - ACP Leader
Koloway - 47th ACP Leader
Mchappy - ACP PoG

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