Hey ACP!

We logged on to face the Help Force in the CPAM premier league tournament. We maxed 55+. Congratulations ACP. This was the CLOSEST battle we've had yet, and we were insane. Our formations were fast, our tactics were good. Thank you all for coming, and thank HF for another well fought battle.

Pre-battle room: Berg
Thanks brad, i've trained your counting skills well!

ACT 1 - The Stadium: ACP vs. HF

We started the battle off in the Stadium. With 20+ locked out troops (GJ on them for forming amazing forms too in the forts!), ACP began our banter with the Help Force.

1st room lockouts: Forts

Amazing work ACP, making this formation in the lockout room!

ACT 2 - Ice Berg: The Miners Union 

With a fire lit under our butts after the PZF battle, ACP decided to form a Workers union. Hardworking, yet underappreciated, we held a Miners protest on the berg.

ACT 3 - Underground Lake: The Miners Revolution

With our protest unsuccessful, and although we were relegated to the underground, we still sang at the top of our voices to make sure our revolution was heard. Hear are some highlights from A Choir Crusade P.


Our protests, and our revolution worked.

Emcee, ever since joining ACP, has put immense effort into ACP, from recruiting, to hosting community events, and today, showing her abilities in whipping ACP's tactics and formations up to shape in VC. For her efforts, she is now our newest General. Congratulations.


ACP Leader

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