[VICTORY] War with Gigi Hadid Army is Over!

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin.

The war with GHA is officially over. They no longer threaten our territory.

On 22nd of April, 2020, GHA leader Tymatt threatened our birth and capital server, Mammoth. Albeit the Army of Club Penguin declaring independence, in the spirit of defending freedom, and preserving justice, we valiantly took on the war threat, and activated our AUSIA force to log on to defend our nation.

Decimating the GHA with our AUS force, GHA has officially backed down, making ACP once again the rightful owners of Mammoth.

ACP has officially become the victors of this war, with a final war score of 1-0-0.

The war with GHA may have been short - but this shows that ACP is truly an army that never sleeps. With people from all walks of the world coming together, we will defend our nation, US, UK or AUSIA.

ACP vs. GHA (they forfeited this room)

Henceforth, this war shall be known as "The One Day AUSIA War", where our AUS force finally got a chance to shine. 

March On!

ACP Leader

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