CP Rewritten Guides: Stage Secrets + Pin Location

How's it going ACP
Are you having trouble finding the secrets at The Stage and Pins? 
Well, fear not because I will show you where to find them.
Let's get started!

The first pin is a Tulip pin, and you can find it at The Beach.


The second pin is at The Stage, and in order to find it, begin by clicking the file cabin in the top corner.

The second step is to click the garbage can near the stairs.

The third step is to click the book which is located in the bottom left corner of the screen.

The fourth step is to click the flower on the table on the top right corner of the screen.

The fifth step is to click the frame on the right side of the wall.

After that, if you keep clicking, the frame will fall down, a safe will open, and you will see the Ruby.
It should look like this.


There are a couple of hidden items in the costume catalog. If you go open it, and go to the 3rd page,
click the door knob for this fascinating item:

And finally, go to the back cover of the costume, and pull down the box of the text with your mouse to see the hidden background.


That's all, folks.
Congratulations for finding The Stage Secrets & Pins!

ACP Major General


  1. awesome!! gonna get those pins now thanks mate

  2. Amazing post Chek! Would love to see you cover more CP Cheats in the future!

  3. Tulip pin is one of the best!

  4. i dont like cheko. jk lol teheh - death

  5. Thank you for showing us where to get all the secrets, Cheko!

  6. Thanks for the amazing guide Cheko!