[MAY 2020] Comment for Promo

Think you deserve a promotion for your efforts in May 2020? Comment BELOW if you think you deserve one for this month!

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Current Rank:
Activity on a scale of 1-10:
Reason you think you deserve a promotion:

ACP Leader


  1. Robot#6969
    Because im awesome :D

  2. PedroTP#2016
    Lance Corporal
    Activity on scale: 7
    I deserve a promotion because yesterday I tried my best to attend the event and I did, today also I attended the event. I only joined ACP on 23th May

  3. KingRock24 #6891
    Because i like to be promoted :)

  4. Discord Tag: FatChicken88#6885
    Current Rank: Major
    Activity on a scale of 1-10: 8.5
    Reason you think you deserve a promotion: I managed to attend most of events this month(every single one that happened while I was awake). Also I've been active this past month.

    1. would like to add that I've managed to become more efficient in recruiting and pulled in more recruits than I have ever before and I also got a 100% attendance in this month's ACPTR passing with an A+.

  5. (this is a long shot ik)
    Discord Tag: Deathdrugsandcyanide#0666
    Activity: 9.5
    Reasong: Well, I always work hard, attend every event i can, recruit my ass off, put my heart and soul into acp and i love it. i get this is a long shot but i figured i may as well try

  6. alsiuss#5486
    Brigadier General
    To be fair, I don't think I really deserve a promotion right now. This has been a wild month for me and I know for many others too. Other than being promoted, I want to be considered as an option for the future in higher mod ranks or even HCOM. Lately, I've been working pretty hard in ACP and focusing on the things that need a little more attention while keeping a great communication with the members of the army. Also, the spanish chat has had a major growth since the day it was created, a little less than a month ago. I know I don't have the experience but I am working on getting it and everyday I'm learning new things about ACP and the army community in general. I hope I am included in future plans that involve the development of ACP and I also want to encourage everyone to do their best in the army. I, as many others, are the future of ACP and I want the new generations to continue with the great job the staff and HCOM have been doing since ACP came back.

  7. CPMaster#3757
    Active: 9.3
    Reason: I would help everyone and everything to become a higher rank! I love being friends with people! :D

  8. Henry_VI#9519
    Because I'm great and I try very hard at everything, especially ACP

  9. ._.destroyer1883._.#6561
    Staff seregeant
    I jus want a promo lol

  10. Mow#4508
    So uhh I was absent the whole month so I didn't contribute enough to qualify for a promotion

  11. Discord Tag: FutureBroadwayStar#4184
    Current Rank: Captain. *Very* soon to be major.
    Activity: 8-10
    Why I Deserve a Promotion: Honestly, I don't. I debated commenting, and Skyfull told me to. I guess I'd say that if I'm doing this, I deserve a promotion because I've been active. I'm level 27 in chat after 2 months, so I think that says something. I've also been to events as often as I could, which includes some AUSIA events (AKA: waking up at 6:00-7:00 AM, depending on the situation). I joined ACPTR, and graduated with an A+, I've gotten 13 recruits this month (not that much, but it's something), and I plan to recruit more today. I'm trying to work up in ACP so I can potentially become a future staff member, and I hope these monthly promos will help me with that.

  12. Discord Tag: Keynikki#4386
    Current Rank: Second Lieutenant, about to be First Lieutenant when clovers are added
    Activity: 9.5
    Why I deserve a promotion: I think I deserve a promotion because I've been to just about every event - I didn't attend some events because of two things, being work or I slept through my alarms. I always wake up early for ACP events and do my best even though my computer likes to crash CPR and sometimes CPATG. I've been with ACP since 2009 and I know, 11 years with am army and I'm still just a member, but I didn't know what I was doing then. Now I do. I've just graduated ACPTR with an A+ and I made sure I learned everything I could. Though I haven't recruited the past month due to school, I plan on rejoining RF and recruiting as many people as I can. I have my heart set out for ACP and I can't see what life would be like without ACP anymore. Xoxo ❤️

  13. Discord Tag: SarahClovers#7314
    Current Rank: Major General
    Activity on a scale of 1-10: 9
    Reason you think you deserve a promotion: I have recruited a lot this month and have also been active.

  14. Discord Tag: Sanya#6779
    Current Rank: Master Sgt
    Activity on a scale of 1-10: 10
    Reason you think you deserve a promotion: I've been very active in the ACP chat and i attend alot of events in ACP, And i try my best attending US/UK events even though they are at 3-4 am and I'm a A+ Graduate in ACPTR,And as of this month i recruited 10 people, and i believe i should be promoted for my activity and participation in events ausia us and UK

  15. Discord tag: coolhandsully
    Current Rank: First Lieutenant
    Activity: 10/10
    Reason: I am very active, I am the recruiter of the week twice in a row,and i love acp and work hard to build it up and support it and a promotion would mean a lot to me