[URGENT] Declaration of War Against the Coup Crusaders

Addressed to the Coup Crusaders
The Army of Club Penguin is now declaring war against the Coup Crusaders.

We didn't want war - we tried our best to avoid it. When you came to us to become allies, we welcomed you with open arms. When ACP troops started showing up to your events and your chat en masse, we turned a blind eye, dismissing it as friends just helping out.

The ACP is now officially declaring war against the CC, for two reasons listed below.

Part I: Troop Stealing

When we received screenshots from our troops with your leaders DM-ing them to join CC, we approached you to solve this. Below, we have compiled a list of screenshots outlining the evidence we have against you troop stealing - be it asking our troops to attend your events (a tournament where no allies were allowed), or your leaders admitting to troop stealing.

Below are circled penguins that are ACP troops. Seeing the amount of ACP troops suddenly attending, Robot DM'ed Catalyst about the situation.

(Some troops attended and join CC out of their own volition previously, as CC was made initially as a 'joke' in ACP main chat; the above simply illustrates what Robot saw that led to him DM-ing Catalyst)
(More ACP troops that suddenly showed up in CC. Oofman and cookedegg are 2 different troops)

In fact, when we approached you guys about troop stealing, you declined until I showed proof.

Then proceeded to deny any involvement:

"Other 4 leaders" were really not involved? Evidence says otherwise.

You told my troops and staff you were a troll, making them think this wasn't an actual army to get them to join:

Also going so far as to randomly assign ACP troops ranks to get past the no allies rule:

After attempting to recruit ACP troops to join CC for the tournament (which I guess isn't against the CPAM rules if you force them to enlist lol), we terminated the alliance, as this is downright troop stealing. ACP welcomed CC to the community with open arms, allying with you guys as previous friendships - but you've shown us all you wanted was to use ACP as a recruiting ground for your own events.

However, ACP, including me, was immediately banned for "terminating the alliance".

I asked to be unbanned - with the mountain of evidence suggesting CC has been systematically troop stealing from ACP, I and my fellow hcom wanted to at least be reassured that this would be stopped. It seemed like the ban was to ensure I couldn't "check" if any more ACP were showing up in their chat.

Again, I attempted to resolve this with olimad3, and I was unbanned for a brief period.

However, today I woke up to another ban.

I didn't want war, Coup Crusaders. I thought this was resolved, yet ACP continues to be treated as the enemy of the state, despite us trying our best to maintain peace.

We were okay being neutral - but actions speak louder than words. Repeatedly banning us isn't the act of neutral armies - it's an action reserved for enemies.

Part II: Allegations of Bias in CPAM

In addition to blatant troop stealing, CC has accused us of being the reason why they lost the CPAM tournament - essentially accusing us of bias.

(More of them admitting to troop stealing from ACP, accusations of ACP rigging the cup.)

These accusations of ACP causing you to lose the tourney is absolutely incredulous. Let's take a look at who the judges were.

Wassim - DCP LiT. Cliff, WV advisor, IW mod. Robot is the only ACP there - if CC should have won, you'd think the other 2 judges would have more of a say wouldn't you? Unless you're accusing Wassim and cliff of being biased ACP members too?

In addition - Robot has been a veteran of the community and trusted by many. Just because you troop stole from us, used allies in a tournament you shoudn't have, and fairly lost to the PZF in a tournament isn't grounds to attempt to ruin his reputation, and say he made you lose a battle.

The Army of Club Penguin officially enters war with the Coup Crusaders.

We didn't want to fight you guys - but your repeated banning of ACP higher command from your chat, your continued attempts to get our troops to attend your battles, and your downright shady method of enlisting, where you give out ranks to people who join your server can no longer be overlooked.


- No multilogging
- No allies
- 24 hr notice before all invasions
- For the love of god Earthing, you're the only one who knows how to use the bot script. Stop logging on green penguins and raiding other people then saying it was us. 

Any troops found to have broken the above rules will lead to immediate forfeit of the war, and all land will be ceased to the Army of Club Penguin.

You took our kindness, and exploited it. You took our willingness to forgive, then stamped all over it. We won't stand of this anymore.


CSY - ACP Leader
Max - ACP UK Leader
Funky - ACP US Leader
Robot - ACP 3ic
Cubster - ACP 3ic
Zelly - ACP 3ic
Kailey - ACP 3ic 
Brad - ACP 3ic
Mchappy - ACP Acting PoG


  1. time to get the popcorn and have another fun ride!

  2. It's unfortunate this happened.

  3. Mess with the clovco, you get the glocko

  4. As hard as it was, you made the right decision, CSY. Nobody betrays and uses us and gets away with it.

  5. Let's go ACP. Another time to defend the truth.

  6. attention attention attention
    acp needs your help
    fight off enemy armies and rank up
    win free nitros and many more benefits

  7. We will fite. We will win. No one betrays us and gets away with it. :E9:

  8. Defend the Clover! Die for the Clover!