Hey Army of Cuddly Puppies!
    Today we logged onto Blizzard for out hip hop hoodie event. We showed rogues how awesome our moves were. Special shout out and thanks to CSY's terrible awesome jokes about music that had us crying in pain laughter (smh)! It was an amazing event and thanks to everyone for coming! (This is my first ever post, sorry that it took like an hour to come out because I don't understand anything uwu.)
:leafeonhehe: Max: 37

(See, we love CSY's jokes)

(Because we love ourselves tyvm :eH: Self love best love.)

(WOOOO look at those moves!)

Thanks for being patient with me because I'm the slowest at posts :))) Have a great day and comment please so I don't feel lonely yeet yeet! And I gotta throw some PINK in here of course.
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Ciao, ACP Brigadier General 7ic