CPR Guide - Music Jam Field Ops

Hey there this is Chicken coming to you with a guide on the steps to complete the latest FIELD OPS. 

First, head over to the EPF headquarters and go to the Field Ops area on the right

After receiving orders from G, hit "Accept Field Ops" head over to Town and purchase the All-Access pass from page 2 of the catalog in the bottom right of Town.

Now head to the Nightclub, go upstairs, and enter the room with the sign that says "All Access Pass Needed". Then go over to the microphone that is on the left-hand side. The EPF phone should be vibrating and have a green light like mine is. When it does, click on the EPF phone and hit "Engage" to start the mission. 

For this minigame what you are going to want to do is collect each of the red targets by inputting a set of directions for the robot to go. In my example, I input "Right, Forward, Forward, Left, Forward, Forward, Right, Forward". This led the bot to go to the target at the top. DO NOT HIT THE BLACK SQUARES this will make you fail, also you may only send up to 5 sets of commands, so do not submit too many sets.

Once you go to all 3 targets you will be greeted with a message from G and some medals.

Thank you for reading my guide and I hoped it helped, I'll be trying to do more of these so any feedback leave it down below in the comments.