Club Penguin Agencies - How To Join!

Hey there ACP, Chicken here with a helpful guide on how to join the Elite Penguin Force and the Penguin Secret Agency.

To start off with the EPF, log onto a highly populated server like Blizzard and head over to Town. Ask the penguins in Town to send you an EPF invite - say something like "Hey guys can someone get me an EPF invite" - and you should receive a bunch of mail rapidly.

Now check your mail and you should see an EPF invite. Hover over where the red circle is and click "Go there".

Once there, click on the ringing phone to begin the test. The tests are as follows:

1- Accuracy: All you have to do is throw a snowball at the target that comes up after clicking the phone.

2- Speed: After the first test, step on the green square and begin running to the red square as soon as the timer on the screen begins

3- Stealth: For this test, you will need to throw a snowball at the camera when the timer begins, and hide behind one of the two pillars, ensuring that you cannot see yourself. Once the cameras finish searching for you, you can step out.

4- Problem Solving: For this test, wait for the cage trap to set up but do not step on the blue square, simply throw a snowball into the trap. If you accidentally step on the trap do not worry, just throw a snowball at the electricity box on the wall to disable it.

Congratulations! You are now an EPF agent. Head into the elevator and explore the room, you can do Field Ops, play System Defender, and have access to a cool phone and Puffle.
Getting the Puffle is easy. Click "Log Off" at the top right and then log back in, but before you join a server click the "Unlock Items Online" button.

Once you click it you should be greeted with two buttons, press the one that says "I have a code". Enter the code HIDDENPUFFLE and you will receive the Elite Puffle whistle. To use the puffle in-game, open up the EPF phone at the bottom left and click the whistle and press "Call Flare".

Now for steps on joining the PSA:

You will want to start off by clicking the moderator badge at the top right of the screen.