July Medieval Party - CPR Guide!

Hey there ACP, Chicken here writing upon the Shamrock Bulletin. Are you struggling with the new Medival Party quests? Well, read on to discover how to solve these.
I recommend trying the quests with no help at first and using this only if u need help.
First of all, you are going to want to head over to Mine then down the glowing well. You will be greeted with 3 gates labeled Quest I, Quest II, and Quest III.

Ye Knights Quest I:

The first challenge in this quest is simple simply step on all the pressure plates (circled in red) until all orbs are glowing white.

The next challenge is simple too, just throw snowballs at the targets until you hit 50 targets and the gate opens. Be sure to grab the free item too!

The third challenge needs a keen eye, look up at the sign (circled in orange) and write down the order of symbols, use this key to solve the directions you need to go to reach the end.

Fish = Up
Crab = Right
Boot =  Down
Jellyfish = Left

After completing the maze, grab the free item at the top of the staircase and head out the exit. Onto Quest II!

Ye Knights Quest II:

The first challenge of this quest requires you to throw snowballs at the four torches, circled in green in this picture until they all are extinguished.

Progress on past the bridge that forms onto the next challenge.

This second challenge needs you to move the key (orange circle) into the keyhole (green circle) the puzzle may be different each time

The next challenge is fighting a dragon, here are the instructions on how to defeat the dragon

After defeating the dragon head out into the Treasure Room, remember to grab the exclusive pin and free item from this room.

Ye Knights Quest III:

The first challenge in this game will have 3 gems hidden under three cups, these cups will swap around and you will be tasked with finding one of the three gems by choosing the correct cup. This may be tedious as it is difficult to keep track. Once completed head over to the second challenge.

The next challenge will need you to run over the towers and click the colored buttons in a specific order for example, red, blue then yellow, you will need to open the gates in such a way that a path is paved for you.

The final challenge is defeating the dragons, the dragon in the middle is the one you are currently fighting,
-To defeat the Blue Dragon, wait for the lava pot to pass over its heat and throw a snowball at the pot to pour lava over its head
-To defeat the Red Dragon: Throw snowballs at it
-To defeat the Yellow Dragon: Equip the gold shield and stand in the squares that light up yellow.

Once completed a bridge will open up on the right, head on over and pass through the door into the royal hall, and grab the free item. 

Be sure to wear the full White Knight outfit to get a stamp!

Be sure to take this new armor and check out the rest of the island, and the new catalog that is found in town or plaza

Party collectibles:

Battle Cape: Go Ski Hill and through the door on the right and find this hanging off of the bridge
- King and Queen Background + 700+ coins: Head over to the bridge mentioned above and then walk to the other side of it, defeat the Dragon Queen by throwing snowballs at here and moving when she is attacking and defeat Scorn by shooting all the bubbles as fast as you can to receive the rewards
- Noble Helmet: Chest labeled Free! at Ski Hill
-Scorn Crest Pin: Boiler room, hover your mouse over the pot of lava, and get the pin afterward.
-Squire Outfit: Stadium at the place labeled Take One!
- Iron Armor, Iron Helmet, Staff and Shield: from Ye Knights Quest I.
- Dragons Gold, Toothbrush and White Noble Horse: from Ye Knights Quest II
- White Knight Armor/Helmet and Gold Staff: from Ye Knights Quest III
- Out at Sea: Complete Ye Knights Quest I
- Noble Knight: Wear complete White Knight outfit found in Quest III
- Party Puzzle: Finish the first puzzle in Quest I

I hope this guide helped you complete the quests and unlock cool things.

March On!

ACP Brigadier General