New June Field Ops - CPR Guide!

Hey there ACP,

Need help with the new EPF field ops? Well here is a guide on how to complete it. If you are not in the EPF yet, click here to find out how to join!

To begin this Field Ops you are going to want to head to the EPF Headquarters by either teleporting to it using the yellow button on the EPF phone or heading to the Everyday Phoning Facility in Ski Village. 

When in the HQ you are going to want to head to the Field Ops computer to begin the mission.

G will ask you to set up alarm traps in the plaza, click "Accept Field Op" to begin

The first step in this mission is to head to the Plaza on your map and then head over to where the green arrow is pointing in this picture and click the EPF Phone (red arrow) when it begins to vibrate.

Read the instructions and then hit "Engage" to begin the mission. 

The concept of this minigame is to press your spacebar when the spinning passes the number that is displayed on the bottom right. For example, if the number was 90 you would press spacebar when the spinner points at number 90. Occasionally it will say a number that isn't displayed, here is an image to help with that. Be aware that sometimes the spinner will stop suddenly and begin moving in the other direction. 

Once you complete enough levels to fill up the bar you will have finished the mission! Congratulations agent.

I hope this guide helped you complete the Field Op. Stay tuned to #shamrock-bulletin for more!

ACP Brigadier General