[THE CSY CHALLENGE] Featuring... Max4381023958102! (+Congratulations for..?)

The CSY Challenge #1: Featuring... Max4381023958102...!
ACP 2ic, also known as the man who has more numbers in his name than digits of pi.

The Army of Club Penguin has, since it's inauguration in 2006, become much more than our initial snowball throwing iteration - we've grown to become an organized army - a community for all walks of the community. From our illustrious history, with PoG member Flipmoo being heralded as the creator of AUSIA; to our diverse leaders - with members from all countries, races, ethnicities, sexualities, interests - the Army of Club Penguin has been known to celebrate and welcome diversity. As our community expands daily, many of us find it harder and harder to meet and get to know everyone - The CSY Challenge hopes to bring you an interview of a different ACP soldier each week, challenging them in an ultimate test of skill, vitality and intellect.

For the first week, we welcome Max, ACP 2ic and UK Leader to the stage.
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Hey Max, can you quickly introduce yourself to the ACP?

HELLO my name is Mr Max of CPR Cheats fame, but you can call me Max. I am a proud Field General here at the Army of Club Penguin.

So Max, how did you find out about Club Penguin armies?

Well, I was an avid Club Penguin player from April 2007, and ran a semi-popular CP cheats xat group called Wadds in 2010. It was from here that my friend Powerchaser recruited me into his army, the Pirates.

The Pirates, eh? With the complicated past between the Pirates and ACP, when did you first come to the good side - and why?

Ironically I led the Pirates in 2012 and 2013 in a huge war against the Army of Club Penguin. And the first time I joined the ACP was around April 2012. I was 12 at the time, so I think I kept jumping between the two armies. I was always drawn to ACP because of their rich history as a superpower and structured rank system.

Pirates vs ACP in 2012, when Max was still a young misguided child

April 2012 ranks

I've heard you were a bit of a hopper in the past :e5~1: . To those interested, where have you been - and any interesting stories to share?

This is very true, I think I have been in nearly every army in this community. Or at least all the major ones. If you forced me to name just a few, I would say: Pirates Leader (of course), Underground Mafias Army Leader, Blue Miners Leader, Golden Troops Leader, Miners Leader, Federation Leader alongside my close friend Kingfunks4, Redemption Force Leader, Pretzels Leader, Snow Ninjas Leader, Hot Sauce Army 2ic, Doritos 2ic, Water Vikings 2ic, Ice Warriors 4ic, Dark Warriors 3ic, Light Troops 3ic. 

Haha, but seriously, there are just two armies that I have really been passionate about and cared for. The first was the Nachos. I joined the Nachos as a lowest moderator rank in April 2013, and stayed loyal for over a year. I rose through the ranks and was promoted to 3ic in December. As someone who struggled to find a place in the past, this was the first time I truly felt at home. My leader and  idol was Puckley, who I can confidently say is one of the best leaders I have ever served under (you are the other, CSY, of course) and he heavily influenced me. He was a huge advocate for innovative tactics, just like myself, and many of the tactics I use today are either from that time, or at the very least influenced by it. 

And of course the other army would be the Army of Club Penguin. I accidentally rejoined on November 18th, 2019 as a Private, and have never looked back.

Image of Puckley, Max's idol from Nachos
(interviewer's note: Max was in no way coerced or paid to mention CSY... now, Max, just sign this NDA here...)

So I heard you used to be Queen Max - what's the story behind that?

AHHHHHH! How could you do this to me CSY!! Back in February 2016 I went by Queen Max, not Mr Max. This was during my stint as a leader of the Redemption Force, and I was trying to draw attention to myself online by acting in a crazy, often controversial, way. It's actually quite sad to look back and think about that person, as I was deeply unhappy - depressed and suicidal - in my personal life.

All hail the QUEEN!
☹️I know that you're feeling better about yourself these days, and as an OG veteran, it's amazing to see how much you've grown as an individual. You're known to be one of the most unapologetically gay HComs in ACP - what was your journey like?

Jeez, where do I begin with this. Having been in this community for over 10 years, I have fought against, come to terms, and finally accepted my sexuality while playing this game: Club Penguin armies. 

During my first few years, the community as a whole was extremely homophobic and I was of course hiding my sexuality in both my personal and online life. I'm ashamed to admit I even joined in with some of this homophobia, something I will never forgive myself for. However, around 2014, although still very much closeted in real life, I began to slowly open up and tell some of my closest friends. I was sadly banned from the Pirates and Light Troops at the time, as their leader did not accept homosexual members. But as any gay person knows, although it's very much one small step at a time, the feeling of freedom is addictive. It led me to completely coming out in the army community in 2015, and this helped me to begin coming out in real life to friends soon after. 

Being openly gay and proud about it is very important to me. I can still remember the feeling of joy when reading a CP Army Central post titled "gAyCP" in March 2015 (https://cparmycentral.net/2015/03/13/gaycp/), and I finally felt represented in the community. Ever since then, and given my position of power at the CP Army Hub, I have felt it very important to be an active LGBT+ voice for those in the LGBT+ army community. And I will always continue to do so, loudly and proudly.

Max simping for Bepboy9

Alright Max, I've heard you rock some amazing gay sesame street socks .What are you wearing rn?

Wait a damn minute, sesame street socks?? I'm not sure where you are getting this information but that is FALSE. Have a picture of my gay pride socks though

Oh wait, it was Koloway who wore gay sesame street socks :e5~1:

That sounds like something he would wear... the shame! 

I am, um, currently not wearing any socks...

I heard rumors that you were going to dip on ACP once you hit 10k followers on tiktok :e0~1:. What drew you to Tiktok in the first place and can you give a statement on the rumors?


I would NEVER dip on the Army of Club Penguin. And bold of you to assume I haven't SURPASSED 10,000 followers already. 

Tiktok is just such a good app, who cares if China is stealing my data in the process. It has fit guys. And it's funny.

So you're using Tiktok as a replacement for grindr eh? Tell us your funniest gay story :eyes:

Here's a REALLY funny one for you. I caught feelings for a boy I met on the internet, have never met before and lives 5000 miles away. Oh and he has ginger hair.

:e5~1: Who could that be? Right, I'd love to get to know more about you IRL. Legend has it that your name isn't actually Max. Who are you and what do you do irl?

For SAFETY REASONS I will not be disclosing my real name. My Tiktok career would be over! But yes, my name is not Max. Max is actually a boy I fancied at the age of 7 when I created my Club Penguin account. Ha ha! 

(Interviewer's note: Talk about an ex you can't get over -rolls eyes-.)

I am a 20-year-old British student living in London and studying Business, who hopes to pursue a career in Marketing in the future. Or become a reality TV star and sell teeth whitening kits on Instagram. Either works. 

In real life (what even is that?!) I love to hang out with my friends, go to the pub and get drunk, go out partying and eat a dodgy kebab on the back home at 4am. Can I say that on here lol? Anyway, I also love watching depressing gay movies and TV shows, nearly all of which end with one of the two main characters DYING or LEAVING in some form. One of my main interests is fashion (how stereotypical, I know), and I wouldn't be caught dead in a bad outfit. No sir.

Okay, this one is important. Whats your favorite drink and have you ever been on ACP drunk?

There are so many to choose from. If I'm OUT OUT, I always opt for a double vodka and lemonade. Gets you bevvy quick and it's cheap. If I'm being classy, a Pornstar Martini is PENG! 

Uhhhhhhh I may or may not have been drunk once or twice before on ACP. But no where near as much as 2Drunky3, I mean 2funky3. The difference between us is that I can hide it better, haha. And apparently I'm needy when intoxicated? I don't believe it...

To all the haters out there - Smirnoff is basically vodka with lemonade, so Max approves! :E1: Alright, one final one. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Absolutely nothing I am perfect in every way possible!

(Interviewer's note: Ego to the cliMAX!)

Alright MAX. It's time for the CSY Challenge.


Welcome the first contender to the arena! 

Today, we'll be playing Rock Paper Scissors. Beat me and you'll have your name forever engraved listed in the Scroll of Successful Challengers! This is the ULTIMATE test of skill, of mind reading, and of intelligence - and is in no way, shape, or form a game of complete and utter randomness.

Playworks Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament - Colorado

After an arduous duel of Rock Paper Scissors, the RESULTS are in!

Congratulations Max for becoming the first successful challenger!

Medal of Training

It is also my honor to announce, the first recipient of the Medal of Training in ACP's CPPS era to Max. The efforts Max has put into rebuilding ACPTR has not gone unnoticed. For years, ACPTR has not had a stable regiment, or schedule - much less AUSIA involvement. A salute to Max for his work in not just creating a new training plan for the Army of Club Penguin, but also leading it to stability - we've seen record numbers of A+ graduates ever since he took over. Congratulations to a well deserved title, Max.


Who will become the next challenger? Tune in next week (or whenever I find the time) to find out!

ACP Leader

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