August 20th Update: Water Party! - CPR Guide


                Hola ACP!

    Today I will be guiding you through the new Water Party that just got added on CPR!  We will be looking at the new pin, rooms and items!


     This new pin, which is a shovel, is located at the Docks, right behind the wakeboards as shown here (red circles):


    A new room was added! This room is called "Whale" (It's a whale), accesible through the Iceberg, going this way: 

    Next I will show the locations of each of the new free items, scattered around the island:

Blue Lei: Docks

Shell Necklace - Beach

Umbrella Hat - Coffee Shop

Ice Cream Apron - Plaza

Green Duck - Cove

                Other cool stuff you can do:

    The new custom rooms all have a hose at the bottom right of the screen, if you click it and HOLD it, you will be able to spray people!  

    Also, in some rooms the snowballs you throw turn into water balloons!

Anywayz, I hope this guy helped you guys settle for this new super duper cool water party! Remember to react in #battle-schedule/#events/#ausia-events if you can attend our next event!


ACP Brigadier General