Templars #2: On Remorse and Change


Addressed to the Templars of Club Penguin, and the CPA Community.

The Templars of Club Penguin have attempted to respond against the allegations of toxicity, including homophobia and racism in a post entitled: "Our Response to the Recent Allegations".

This post will outline how the Templars have not changed. Their response shows no remorse for their actions, claiming either "the past" or "a joke"; their culture of toxicity continues, through the downright inappropriate messages sent to members of the community and ACP troops

Part 1: Remorse?

Let us first begin this post by dissecting the Templars' response.

A. The Defacement of the CPPS

The Templars stated that the CPPS owners stole troops from the Templars, and asked them to "focus on the CPPS instead of the army" but provide no screenshots or context. Even if we concede that the Templars were wronged by CPG - I ask everyone in the community again - does this warrant the destruction of their server through a defacement?

The Templars then say that the "the CPG server was not safe nor professionally made. Everyone had access to the staff channels, we could type in announcements, there was no verification, etc". The Templars substantiate this with the fact that one day after the defacement, there was an attempted IP grab. Again I ask - does this warrant the destruction of their server through a defacement? Even if we somehow concede that it does, given that it would be safer for the community to do so - the Templars didn't know this, as this "IP grab" (which again, there was no proof of, and I wonder how a discord server can be used to grab someone's IP, but I digress) was done one day later. The intentions were not right. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Just because a victim says that you "had the right to deface", doesn't actually mean you have the right to deface them, or that it was right. Behavorial Self-blame is a cognitive defense process in which individuals, upon suffering from a traumatic event, attribute the consequences to actions they took. This is often common in abuse victims in real life. The fact that Abe thinks his actions warranted the deface doesn't exculpate the Templars. The judgement of the morality of this action lies in the community - not with the victim.

Finally, the Templars state that "we weren’t given the chance to apologise". Where is the apology? Even one month after the defacement, the community has received no apology - just floating screenshots and statements that the Templars were wronged, first. Even here, the entire Templars defense is that they troop stole and weren't safe. CPG might not have been in the right, but two wrongs don't make a right.

B. Racism and Homophobia

In response to the use of the n-word:

"Not to mention most of these are jokes (however ill-concieved) and were not intentionally derogatory in their use."

Some things are just inappropriate, even as jokes. Considering the history of slavery, oppression, and the nature of the n-word - the flamboyant use of this word, and pictures of the "n word pass" is simply inappropriate.

Not to mention the use of derogatory terms towards the Chinese is personally offensive to me.

"Templars are in fact NOT racist, multiple HCOM members, myself included, have donated to BLM charities too."

Their defense of this is amusing. Just because you've donated to BLM charities means you can parade the use of the n word? It's like those people saying "I have a black friend, I'm not racist" (which is the defense they take against homophobia, as you'll see later on). Either way - this is culturally insensitive at best, and racism at it's worst. Once again, the Templars have shown no remorse, simply defending that they're "not racist", and were meant as "jokes". The Templars continue standing up for their actions, defending their statements.

In response to the homophobia:

"We also have a lot of LGBT+ staff, including leaders and HCOM."

"I have an LGBT friend, I'm not homophobic". Yet you guys continue parading the use of the f- word.

You have to understand - it's not just about whether or not you meant it to offend. You can't choose who's offended by what you say or not.


And you wonder why Max hates you? Because you guys constantly use the f- word, degrading people like him who have fought hard over their sexuality. 

"Not to mention we’ve limited these ‘homophobic slurs’ in our chat too. Most of these images are outdated and go back to July."

I'm sorry that the community takes offense to things you said 13 days ago. 

"Finally, Venom and Cobra are not part of our army, they are merely visitors."

It seems that these 2 advisors were promptly fired from their positions upon this declaration of war.

"Cobra, an advisor who doesn’t represent the army"

The advisor was allowed to post on the website, claiming that it was all "to troll". If you don't want him to "represent" the army, perhaps don't let him post an official response to the RFCP calling you guys out for racism and homophobia.

"Not to mention, we did not endorse what these people are saying."

Templars have addressed Cobra and Venom's inappropriate messages. Even if we concede that the messages were not "endorsed" by the army, and that advisors are not "part" of the army - the Templars fail to respond or even apologize for the statements made by their current staff - including Xing, Palpatine, Pingu, etc.

If this is the Templars equivalent of an apology, I do urge them to include words such as "sorry", "we apologize", etc. Because all this post does is further substantiate the fact that the Templars show no remorse for their actions - they are in no way sorry, they have not apologized, and continue defending all the racial and homophobic slurs said.

You might not be racist. But that doesn't excuse racial insensitivity.

Part 2: Inappropriate Messages, Inappropriate Images to Minors, More Racism, Sexist Remarks

If we thought that the messages found in their public chats were sickening enough, after the ACP declaration of war, further messages were sent to us in regards to toxic behavior from the Templars. The ones compiled here are far more recent - hardly "outdated and go back to July."

Whilst this is not recent, it has surfaced that inappropriate images were sent to minors in the Templars.


"god bless"

In response to a Swatstika, the symbol of Nazi Germany that led to the genocide of millions of Jews?

Blatant sexism from Freedomist, Templars Leader.

Messaging an ACP troop, making an inappropriate joke about "abuse".

Whether you take this as more proof of the Templars' toxicity - or perhaps just proof that they haven't changed at all, despite what they claim - what this shows is a continued pattern of behavior, and a culture of toxicity.

Part 3: [Rescinded]

Part 3 has been rescinded in light of recent evidence, where Bschar admits to leaking private DMs and then blaming it on being hacked. 


When the RFCP went to war with the Templars, their response made it harrowingly evident that they were not sorry. The recent response serves to further show that they're not sorry for what has been said or done, through their dismissal of it to all be a joke, and their defense of the actions. In addition, the further, more recent screenshots show that the Templars' claimed "steps to improve" since July are a mere facade to appease the community - toxicity still ensues, propagated by the higher command.

The Templars have shown no remorse - they have not apologized, and taken little steps to change the culture. The Clover Crusade continues.

To Defend Freedom, and Preserve Justice


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