ACP Handbook

Army of Club Penguin Incentives to Joining and Remaining Active: #beginners-guide update

[Handbook created in May 2020. Last updated June 24th, 2020.]
Table of Content
I. Welcome
II. How-To Club Penguin Private Servers
III. Ranking System
IV. Army of Club Penguin Training Regiment
V. How-To Follow Orders

I. Welcome

The Army of Club Penguin has been around for quite a while, 14 years! It's been in operation for so long because of everyone here that brings something to the community!
What exactly is the ACP? We are an international community that coordinates events on Club Penguin Rewritten such as battles, igloo raids, themed community events, special storyline missions produced by staff, and much more! We have fun, help each other out, and even learn some important skills and life lessons along the way. ACP would not be here without its vibrant community, and we want to maintain and expand the Army so that more can enjoy this wonderful group of people. Here’s some introductory information about our group: :EL: We strive to carry on the original mission of Club Penguin: having fun and meeting new friends! :EL: ACP has a history that goes as far back as 14 years, something the troops and team effort make happen! :EL: ACP is a place for everyone to enjoy, as long as you follow the rules and remember to be kind to others. Everyone gets along here, and we help each other out whenever we can. :EL: Many of the people here were in the Army years ago and continue to stay around to chat, share experiences, and even help out. Our veterans and legends are often around; be sure to say hi to them! :EL: We all come from different backgrounds, so there are many friendships to be made, experiences to be had, and stories to hear from whatever part of the globe one comes from. :EL: The friends you make in ACP are just great! Having fun talking with a diverse group of people and being involved in a tightly-knit community are really unique things about our community that we cherish.
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:EL: Not only are there friends to be made and awesome experience that await, there’s special skills that you’ll learn especially in ACP, such as: :wristwatch: Time management :command: Leadership :acpscream: Communication :teamwork: Collaboration :EL: We also deeply appreciate determination, effort, and hard work and strongly believe in earning ranks. Doing your best, sharing your thoughts, and making your mark on ACP is a crucial part of the experience here. :EL: Though you may not realize it yet, ACP can be a life changing experience. If you need a friend, you’ve got plenty here. If you need someone to talk to, you’ve got us. If you need a family that has each other’s back, you’ve got that too. That’s what ACP is at the end of the day.
We’re happy to have you aboard, soldier! Be assured, there's no other community quite like ACP. Always feel free to ask a fellow troop or member of staff if you have questions or need any help. Once you join, you become a part of this legendary community and part of the ACP family. We march on, always.

II. How-To Club Penguin Private Servers

As of right now, there is One Club Penguin Private Servers that the Army of Club Penguin uses. Called Club Penguin Rewritten. Most of you should be familiar with CPR by now. you can find our uniform by clicking on the uniform tab then going to the uniform guide to give you locations of all the items.

III. Ranking System

Rebuilding a legendary army such as the Army of Club Penguin from the ground up is not easy work. And sometimes ranking up is not the easiest as well. Ranks are in place to show who is committed to our cause and gives the leaders a way to gauge who is potential leadership material. There are 21 official rank titles from Private all the way up to Commander in Chief. Colonel and below are considered "Members". Brigadier General to Field General are known as our "Moderators" and the staff that continue to build ACP. Finally, General and Field Marshal are our HCOM with Commander in Chief holding power of the entire army. Always listen to your Commander in Chief, never question their reasoning. If the Commander is unavailable then it falls to the General and Field Marshals to step up to the plate. The rest of the staff are the pillars that hold the army while you, the members, are the foundation. Following this part of the handbook will break how to efficiently rise in the ranks.

We use the Clover System. This system was designed to be similar to medals which is an old reward system used to promote people up the ranks. Here are the many ways on how you can get Clovers:
  1. Normal events are worth 3
  2. Practice battles are worth 4
  3. If ACP is in a war then the events will be worth 5
  4. Under the discretion of a commanding officer, any event can be worth more than the above stated amount
Are there other ways to earn Clovers? Well I'm glad you asked!
  1. For every person you recruit to ACP (who join the Discord and confirmed that you've talked with them), you receive 1 or 2 Clovers (depending on how you recruit them)
  2. Every time the Mee6 bot says you have leveled up in chat, you will receive 1 Clover
AND THAT'S IT! For now, those are all the ways you may be able to obtain Clovers. Let any high commanding officer know if you need to be rewarded your Clovers. The main girl behind handing them out is Kailey the Supervisor (Kailey#4053 on Discord).

IV. Army of Club Penguin Training Regiment

Another way to get promoted fast in the army is by joining the Army of Club Penguin Training Regiment. This fast pass boot camp was created in 2008 as a means to induct cadets into its legendary halls to graduate and become some of the greatest members of the community. Upon graduation, dedicated cadets can expect to see a hefty promotion in the short run, but in the long run may expect to potentially join the ranks of other legends in ACP and the Club Penguin Army community! Our graduates have gone on to become some of the most influential members the army community has ever seen. Today the tradition continues and the ACPTR remains the premier institution for training recruits. No other army has a dedicated team like ours that will teach you the ins and outs of what it's like to be a successful soldier.

It is a four week program with cadets graduating and joining at the beginning of every month. There is special curriculum which will be taught in classes. Attendance to these events will gain you special Badges which will reflect your graduation status and can be exchanged after graduation for promotions.

There will be additional events held outside of normal ACP events and the #acptr-chat will always be open and ready for you to learn more (via Discord). Please check the #acptr-bulletin as well for the important information regarding your classwork.

V. How-To Follow Orders

Congratulations on becoming an official troop! This guide will tell you all you need to know about your new career in the Army of Club Penguin. Once you've enlisted, you'll be given a rank based on your experience in other armies (if you have any).

:EL: Attending Events:
The times, dates, and locations of our battles and training sessions can be found in the #events channel. When you're attending an event, be sure to come about half an hour before the official start.

Tip: "TBA" stands for "To be Announced". This means the location of the battle or session will be announced on chat just before we log in. :EL: Chat Rules and Safety:
Safety is important to the hard working staff members. Be sure to read the chat rules, located at the #rules channel, and always follow them. Moderators and HCOM are watching the chat at all times. Never give away personal information such as your real name, phone number, or address. It's okay to say what country you're from though.

Tip: If someone private messages you and asks for your to join another army, report it to a staff member IMMEDIATELY! There will be a reward for doing so. :EL: During Events:
So you're on chat half an hour before the battle. The Commander will tell everyone to log on - e.g "Breeze, Town" - where the rest of the army will meet up with you. Once you reach the place, a line across is usually the first tactic to be announced. Join the line and wait for the rest of the army to come online. Once all the soldiers are present, a leader will begin to do tactics.

There are many different types of tactics. Sometimes involving emoticons (such as E+G or E+Z), words (such as spamming ACP ACP ACP), and even full sentences (ACP WINS MAMMOTH). Also, there are different formations which are shapes the army makes: lines, circles, and sometimes letters.

The last thing you need to know about is bombs. When a leader asks you to J-bomb (joke bomb) a room, you run around the room (i.e the Snow Forts) pressing the J key ONLY ONCE. This tells a joke. Hence, the room will be covered in many penguins shouting jokes and rushing around.

Remember, only leaders can give orders (unless it's a U-lead session) so listen to the people with GREEN or RED colored names.

Tip: When a leader asks you to type something in, for example, "ACP WINS MAMMOTH", this means that you type that into your Club Penguin chat bar but do NOT press enter until the leader counts to three. This is so everyone says it at the same time. And remember, if battling an enemy in the same room, throw snowballs when a tactic is not being prepared.

:EL: Types of Events:
  • Invasion: This is when we enter another army's server to take it over. It only happens when we are at war with the army we're taking the server from.
  • Defense: When an enemy army is invading our server, we must respond. Like invasions, it only happens during war time.
  • Recruiting: When we go on CP to recruit more penguins into the army. Listen to the leaders for things to say to get people to join.
  • Training: This is an event focused on getting our tactics perfect.
  • U-Lead: This is an event to give soldiers a chance to try out leading an event of their own. Different soldiers are allowed to lead one or two tactics each.
  • Practice Battle: A battle with an ally (friendly army) that isn't over any land and is just for fun and competition.
:EL: Conclusion:
Well, that's just about all you need to know to become a great ACP soldier! Have fun in the army and remember...