Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

The following is a list of people that have made their mark on the Army of Club Penguin. Whether that by leading the army, being a dedicated soldier or an allied friend of the ACP. 

The Army of Club Penguin Leaders

Bold Green indicated holder of the Medal of Honor
Underline indicated a CP Army Legend

  1. Oagalthorp: 1st Leader, Creator of the ACP
  2. Fort57: 2nd Leader of the ACP
  3. Dr Nono Jr: 3rd Leader of the ACP
  4. Rapidy: 3rd Leader of the ACP
  5. Kg 007: 4th Leader of the ACP
  6. Shaboomboom: 5th Leader of the ACP
  7. Boomer 20: 6th Leader of the ACP
  8. Saint1119: 7th Leader of the ACP
  9. Dryvit: 8th Leader of the ACP
  10. Seanehawk: 9th Leader of the ACP
  11. Boomer 20: 10th Leader of the ACP
  12. Dryvit: 11th Leader of the ACP
  13. Saint1119: 12th Leader of the ACP
  14. Dr Nono Jr: 13th Leader of the ACP
  15. Shaboomboom: 14th Leader of the ACP
  16. Iasgae 56: 15th Leader of the ACP
  17. Shaboomboom: 16th Leader of the ACP
  18. Matre10: 17th Leader of the ACP
  19. Bobcatboy10: 18th Leader of the ACP
  20. Mchappy: 19th Leader of the ACP
  21. Kenneth1000: 20th Leader of the ACP
  22. Flipper7706: 20th Leader of the ACP
  23. Slider568: 21st Leader of the ACP
  24. Mchappy: 21st Leader of the ACP
  25. Kingfunks4: 22nd Leader of the ACP
  26. Ekpenguin9: 23rd Leader of the ACP
  27. Kingfunks4: 24th Leader of the ACP
  28. Antant98: 25th Leader of the ACP
  29. Swimmerboy01: 26th Leader of the ACP
  30. Mchappy: 27th Leader of the ACP
  31. Capncook: 28th Leader of the ACP
  32. Pinkgirl3919: 28th Leader of the ACP
  33. Casiusbrutus: 29th Leader of the ACP
  34. Slimball2007 (Flipmoo): 30th Leader of the ACP
  35. Sercan 44444: 31st Leader of the ACP
  36. Jerry 4 Ever: 32nd Leader of the ACP
  37. Purpleslime4 : 33rd Leader of the ACP
  38. Mrtchy: 34th Leader of the ACP
  39. Mikester: 35th Leader of the ACP
  40. Fluffyboy3: 36th Leader of the ACP
  41. Ahmed 7569: 37th Leader of the ACP
  42. Bam117: 38th Leader of the ACP
  43. Albaro Lord: 39th Leader of the ACP
  44. Sidie9: 40th Leader of the ACP
  45. Kenneth1000: 41st Leader of the ACP
  46. Trader: 42nd Leader of the ACP
  47. Bam117: 43rd Leader of the ACP
  48. Super Edwin: 44th Leader of the ACP
  49. King Mondo: 44th Leader of the ACP
  50. King Mondo: 45th Leader of the ACP
  51. Chainpro: 46th Leader of the ACP
  52. Koloway: 47th Leader of the ACP
  53. CSY: 48th Leader of the ACP
  54. Kailey310: 49th Leader of the ACP


Dedicated Officers of ACP

(For a list of past dedicated soldiers, click here)

Mchappy: 19th Leader of ACP, 21st Leader of ACP, 27th Leader of ACP, ACP Panel of Guardians, ACPTR Leader, ACPTR Legend, DRACP President, Echo Leader, Echo Legend, ACPRC Legend, Bronze Medal Award, Medal of Honor, Medal of Training, Silver Medal Award, CPA Legend
Chainpro: 46th Leader of ACP
CSY: 48th Leader of ACP, 50th ACPTR Director, Bronze Medal Award
King Mondo: 44th ACP Leader , ACPTR Co-leader, ACPRF Director, ACP Therapist
Koloway: 47th Leader of ACP, 48th ACPTR Director, CPA Legend
Kailey310: 49th Leader of ACP, Bronze Medal Award
Kailey 2: 15th ACPRF Director
Max: ACP Temporary Commander-in-Chief, 51st ACPTR Director, Bronze Medal Award, Medal of Training
Slider568: 21st leader of ACP, 14th, 16th, 18th, 22nd 26th, 39th, and 47th ACPTR Leader, Medal of Training, SSACP Officer, ACP Grand Senator, Bronze Medal Award, Silver Medal Award, Alpha, Delta, and Echo Division Leader & Legend
Zellybelly: 14th ACPRF Director, ACP 2nd in Command
2funky3: ACP 2nd in Command


The Allies and Friends of ACP

(For a list of past allies and friends, click here)

Owl, Orange, Zero: Leaders of the Chaos Army, for coming to ACP's aid in our greatest time of need in World War Rewritten. ACP's brother ally.



Medal of Honor

There is one way in which the Medal of Honor can be awarded and one way ONLY! ACP’s Panel of Guardians have a vote to decide if a proposed soldier should receive the MoH and if a majority is reached then that person receives the MoH.

The key for determining when the Medal of Honor is deserved is when someone goes above and beyond to help ACP in a time of crisis or at a time when it really mattered. For example, Mchappy was awarded a Medal of Honor for essentially taking charge and leading ACP during a time of need when the leader was not active, thus reaching the biggest battle sizes for an army ever. Oagalthorp also awarded Boomer one for taking over ACP and restoring its status as the #1 army in November 2008 when we were having a leadership conflict. The Medal of Honor is not to be awarded to just any leader upon their retirement unless it can be proved they went above and beyond or responded with great success at a time when a true leader was needed. One needs to lead this army for at least a year to earn the MoH solely based on length of leadership has a purpose, for a Supreme Commander to lead the ACP for over a year sows extreme dedication and care for this army. It’s deserving of reward. The Medal of Honor is traditionally presented to anyone showing great leadership. This means it can include an everyday soldier in addition to a leader, however it is exceedingly rare nowadays for a soldier to earn it because there are much fewer instances where a non-leader would be needed to exhibit leadership.


Bronze and Silver Medal

This is a page dedicated to those who have won the Silver or Bronze Medal Award. This Bronze Medal Award is given for “Heroic or meritorious achievement or service”. It does not surpass the Medal of Honor Award or Silver Medal Award, but it is a more reachable goal that can be earned for outstanding performance in one war/battle.

Winners of the Silver Medal Award:

Swimmerboy01 – Co-First Winner for restoring the USA Force.
Kenneth1000 – Co-First Winner for restoring the USA Force and for diplomatic services for the ACP Empire where he negotiated peace with SWAT and Pirates.
Slider568 – For his efforts in restoring ACPTR during the summer of 2012.
Mchappy – For his efforts in rebuilding and revitalizing the ACP in late 2019.

Winners of the Bronze Medal Award:

Bobcatboy10 – Co-First Winner of the Award.
Stev712 – Co-First Winner of the Award.
Ryanbearsroc – Against UMA at the Defence of Mammoth
Mchappy – Against UMA at the Defence of Mammoth
Motor 20 – Against Nachos at PB For #1 Army before battle
Flipper – Against Nachos at End of the Year Tournament
Khimo – Against the Ice Warriors at the Top Ten Tackle Tournament
Superoo13 – For providing crucial information via spying in the ACP vs Nacho April 2013 war
Fiasco – For Spying on NW during the NW vs ACP War
Flipmoo – For creating the ACP Ausia Division and leading it to great sizes, and for winning a hefty amount of battles with the Ausia Division.
Smartuin – For writing up a huge proportion of the ACP Saga page, and for preforming unexplainable skill in ACP Spy Agencies.
Slider568 – For timeless dedication to ACP and for successful efforts at leading and restoring ACPTR, the ACP Senate, and for the revival of divisions.
Splasher99 – For leading the Ausia Division whilst Flipmoo was unable to do so, and for showing extreme determination and excellency during the war with the AR.
Kingfunks4 – For displaying heroic, courageous acts of leadership during the ACP vs. Nachos CPAC Champions Cup Quarter Finals match on October 26, 2013, and pulling off a stunning come from behind victory to move on to the Semi-Finals.
Rock71 – For displaying heroic, courageous acts of leadership during the ACP vs. Nachos CPAC Champions Cup Quarter Finals match on October 26, 2013, and pulling off a stunning come from behind victory to move on to the Semi-Finals.
Elsa – For taking the initiative in carrying the army during its final days in early 2017 when most commanders were away or inactive.
Madonna – For taking the initiative in carrying the army during its final days in early 2017 when most commanders were away or inactive.
Kailey310 – For her dedication and determination in the 2019/2020 Holiday Championship tournament, in which we were victorious against RPF.
CSY – Being the Leader during the time of World War Rewritten, and being able to bring not only excitement but peace to the army community.
Max – Stepping up during World War Rewritten to lead the Army of Club Penguin on a perfect war score record (5-0-0).